[Gmsh] 3D meshing problem

adrien gros adriengros at hotmail.fr
Fri Feb 14 18:56:02 CET 2014

I use GMSH to mesh air around building. For this i made a python script to define one by one all building surfaces ( composed of wall and windows) and ground surfaces.
After have defined all this surfaces i define a surface loop and next a volume to define the volume around building.
I don't understand why i can't mesh my geometry in 3D ( it's work with 2D mesh). 
I try the same geometry but without windows and the 3D meshing work.
Somebody can explain me why it doesn't work
you can find in attached files :
 the geometry geom_bat.geo without windows which can be mesh
the geometry geom_bat_window.geo with windows one one building which can't be mesh. In this geometry the building is composed of the surface 429,430,431,432,433,434,435 and 436. And windows are surfaces number 602,603,604,605,607,608 and 609.
i Hope you will be able to help me 

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