[Gmsh] I: Geometry.CopyMeshingMethod

michele cavalerin m.cavallerin at yahoo.it
Mon Feb 24 18:36:19 CET 2014

I solved my question, by putting Layers = 1 on extrude functions.

Anyway, how does it work  Geometry.CopyMeshingMethod? Why hasn't worked for me?


Michele Cavallerin 

Il Lunedì 24 Febbraio 2014 16:16, michele cavalerin <m.cavallerin at yahoo.it> ha scritto:
Good Evening,

I added Geometry.CopyMeshingMethod at the beginning of the geo file in order to keep transfinite setting of extruded lines into new ones, but it doesn't seem to work.
I tryed different values: from 0 to 10, but when performing mesh, new lines (obtained by extrusion), don't keep setting.

I'using gmsh 2.8.3 on Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS.

Is there something wrong I'm doing? I'm using right settings?

Thanks a lot


Michele Cavallerin 
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