[Gmsh] High-Order Boundary layer with Subdivision Algorithm

Willem Deconinck willem.deconinck at vub.ac.be
Mon Feb 24 20:07:13 CET 2014

Dear Thomas,

First off, congratulations for the nice work on high-order boundary layers.
There are however a few things I noticed that were not working properly, and I don't know if you are aware.

I have tested following also with todays nightly build (24/02/2014)

I found the high-order boundary layer optimization algorithm to work very well for cases without subdivision algorithms.
However, when I recombine with "All Quads" subdivision algorithm, the subdivision-node is not recognized to fall on the CAD edge for non-linear
boundaries. The high-order optimization algorithm also fails to correct for this.
In attachment I send the geo file illustrating this problem, with a very simple square geometry with a hole.
If I enlarge the hole, to a point there are no intersections, all is fine.

On another note, when I last spoke with you at VKI, I mentioned it would be nice to have more parallel support for field visualisation in gmsh.
A parallel-aware file format e.g. which combines multiple  ".msh" files generated by a parallel simulation.
It would then e.g. combine all views that belong to the same field in one view, and when options are modified for one,
it modifies it for all of them together.
I have tried to do this by creating a file "out.msh"  with content
Merge "out_P0.msh";
Merge "out_P1.msh";
Merge "out_P2.msh";
Merge "out_P3.msh";
I thought perhaps "Combine elements by name" would then do the trick,
but I get "Combine space is not implemented for this kind of data".
Not sure how much work this involves, but that is really a must-have feature to me.
The type of options I would modify on this parallel view would mostly be "Adapt Visualization Mesh", and global Contour-Min-Max values.

Best regards,

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