[Gmsh] OpenMP + step files

Hugo Fernando Maia Milan hugomaiamilan at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 10 04:06:08 CET 2014

Hi,I'm trying to use Gmsh with OpenMP library. I found that it doesn't work when there is a .step file merged into the .geo file--if OMP_NUM_THREADS is different from 1. The errors are sparse, one time it could be Segment Fault and another time it could be "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Standard_NoMoreObject'". In general it breaks during the 2D meshing.
For instance, you could try the demo component8_in_a_box.geo.
I'm using Debian 7 and the info from Gmsh are:Version          : 2.8.4GUI toolkit      : FLTK 1.3.0License          : GNU General Public LicenseBuild OS         : LinuxBuild options    : 64Bit Ann Bamg Bfgs Blas(Generic) Blossom Cairo Chaco DIntegration Dlopen Fltk GMP Gmm Jpeg Kbipack Lapack(Generic) LinuxJoystick MathEx Mesh Metis Mmg3d Mpeg NativeFileChooser Netgen ONELAB ONELABMetamodel OpenCascade OpenGL OptHom Parser Plugins Png Post RTree Salome Solver Tetgen(1.5) Voro3D ZlibBuild date       : 20140309Build host       : hugo-debianPackager         : rootWeb site         : http://www.geuz.org/gmsh/Mailing list     : gmsh at geuz.org
Thank you,Hugo Milan.
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