[Gmsh] high order viz

Michael Joseph Brazell mbrazell at uwyo.edu
Tue Feb 7 20:48:55 CET 2017


I was wondering if you could help me with a high order viz problem. I am implementing a high-order DG code that is strictly cartesian. I want to be able to call gmsh as a library and have it make 3d triangulations of isosurfaces. I also want to do this one cell at a time. Therefore I won’t enforce any continuity between cells. Ideally, I would call gmsh with a domain that is a cartesian hexahedral cell (eg cube) and a callback function R3->R. It would then return a list of nodes and triangles. I also don’t care if the mesh is perfect since this is for viz. It can have intersecting triangles or bad triangles. 

I see this capability in the high-order viz paper on the gmsh website and I was wondering where and how to use it in the gmsh code. Also, do you have an code example of how to do this?



Michael J. Brazell
Research Scientist
University of Wyoming

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