[Gmsh] Ctrl+C not killing when General.Terminal=1

Miguel Arriaga miguelarriagaecunha at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 22:22:06 CET 2017


I'm using gmsh to automatically generate a 3D mesh from an STL file. I run
it from the command-line (Windows) with the following command to bypass the
GUI: gmsh - geofile.geo

My .geo file has the following:

Delete Options;
Merge "stlfile.stl";
Surface Loop(2) = {1};
Volume(3) = {2};
Mesh 3;
OptimizeMesh "Netgen";
Save "outfile.msh";

Because the geometries that I work with are quite complex, the OptimizeMesh
process is long and this is why I wanted to have the option
General.Terminal=1 which prints to the terminal the "info" lines that you
can see in the GUI.

However, with this option on, I can no longer use Ctrl+c to kill gmsh. I
either have to kill the entire terminal window or wait for it to finish.

Is there a way of making Ctrl+c work with General.Terminal=1; ?

All the best,

PS: I also asked this question on stackoverflow here:
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