[Gmsh] Extrude from imported geometry

Daniel daniel at email.com
Fri Mar 10 21:15:11 CET 2017


I just downloaded the nightly build and tried it out and I was able to
extrude an imported geometry!

When I tried to also extrude the mesh (using the Layers{} option) I got

Warning : Structured meshes not yet available with OpenCASCADE

message. Still, this seems to be the right way to go and I will closely
and eagerly monitor the further development of the OpenCASCADE factory

Thank you for the tip!

Best Regards

Am Dienstag, den 07.03.2017, 05:35 -0300 schrieb Jeremy Theler:
> Can the new OpenCASCADE factory be used to first merge say an
> imported
> 2D BREP and the extrude the path? Pseudo-geo:
> SetFactory("OpenCASCADE");
> Merge("2dbrep.brep");
> Extrude{0,0,0.3}{ Surface{1:3}; }

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