[Gmsh] Creating a spherical hole inside a volume [Files attached for testing]

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Unfortunately, Gmsh is fairly limited when it comes to operations like computing intersections<http://gmsh.info/doc/texinfo/gmsh.html#and-what-Gmsh-is-not-so-good-at>. However, you might be able to do something using the OpenCascade factory included in the latest nigthly build. You can download it from gsmh.info<http://gmsh.info/>, under the download paragraph, just under the “Development version” mention. For example, you might want to have a look at the Boolean.geo exemple here<https://onelab.info/svn/gmsh/trunk/demos/boolean/> and there few examples on how to import geometry from files (they will only work with the nightly, ID & password = gmsh). Hoping that will be helpful,

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Objet : [Gmsh] Creating a spherical hole inside a volume [Files attached for testing]

Hello all,
My objective is to create the spherical hole inside a volume. I have 2 STL files(see attached) as inputs. The complication is that the spherical hole intersects the two other existing volumes and it is not contained entirely in either one of the volumes.

I tried two approaches both of them were a failure (geo files are attached for both) :
Approach 1 :

I used the merge command and then I created a spherical volume  and performed meshing. The issue is the sphere is getting meshed separately without any relation to the other 2 volumes.

Approach 2 :
First , I created an STL file of the spherical void separately. Now I used merge command on all 3 STL files. Now i am getting intersections which I am unable to resolve.

I have been stuck here for a while in this, your help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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