[Gmsh] 2d Mesh in GMSH

Boris Zúñiga Lucero bzunigalucero at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 21:13:15 CEST 2017

GMSH Team:

I write to make a query.

I am new user of GMSH. I need to generate a 2d mesh of a topography that I
have in different formats (*.asc, *.xyz, *.grd) and wanted to know if I can
use the software for these purposes. The mesh will be used to simulate
water runoff on a DEM (digital elevation model) with the Iber software (

If the program can incorporate the topography as input data, can it
generate a mesh with irregular triangles with angles, maximum and minimum
sides defined by the user? Can this mesh automatically refine in areas
where there are sudden changes in topography? As an example I attach an
image that I found on the internet that represents what I want to achieve
with the mesh calculation.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Greetings from Chile.

*​Boris Zúñiga Lucero*

de virus. www.avast.com
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