[Gmsh] Step Import Non Conformal Mesh

faber.mueller at t-online.de faber.mueller at t-online.de
Sun Aug 13 18:24:41 CEST 2017

Good evening,
First of all I want to thank Dr. Colignon and Prof. Geuzaine for their 
answers to my question http://onelab.info/pipermail/gmsh/2017/011502.html
<http://onelab.info/pipermail/gmsh/2017/011502.html>   . Now I have another 
problem. After I imported the geometry, which contains out of several 
solids, and assigned physical volumes, surfaces and characteristic length  
the mesh is nonconformal. When I activated sew faces before importing, I 
have no Volumes in the statistic, so I cant assign physical Volumes. 
Unfortunately I'm not allowed to upload the step file here.

I have used the search function and some years ago there was a discussion 
with Dr. Zenker in 2013 :
<http://onelab.info/pipermail/gmsh/2013/007880.html>   . He used a 
workaround with netgen. I couldn't try it because our IT Department denied 
my query to install it on my laptop.
Is there a solution within the new gmsh version 3 to heal the geometry and 
to keep the volumes ?
Thanks for your time and support

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