[Gmsh] Info on third order elements

Marsic, Nicolas marsic at temf.tu-darmstadt.de
Fri Sep 1 16:06:50 CEST 2017

Hi Matteo,

A fast answer is: you can find it in the source files.
For instance, for the nth-order hexahedron, you can have a look at:
At line 449, you have the schematic of the node numbering.
The other elements can be found in: MLine.h, MTriangle.h, MQuadrangle.h 
and so on.

I Hope this helps.

On 30/08/17 16:47, FRANCIOLINI MATTEO wrote:
> Dear Gmsh team,
> Thank you for providing such a powerful and open source tool. I am 
> working on a converter to read a .msh mesh in our code. I’m writing to 
> ask if you can provide the exact node ordering sequence for the third 
> order geometrical elements, that are not reported in the user guide.
> Best regards,
> Matteo Franciolini
> PhD Student – DIISM
> Marche Polytechnic University
> Via Brecce Bianche 12, 60131 Ancona, Italy
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