[Gmsh] Physical Volume via command line

jenscfel Felix.Jensch at b-tu.de
Fri Nov 24 15:39:17 CET 2017

Hi Gmsher,

I try to create an inp.-file with gmsh, which I can open in  
LS-PrePost. For that I just want to use the command line.
Currently I can open the stp.-file in gmsh, mesh it and create an  
output file with the following commands:

Desktop\gmsh Desktop\example.stp -3 -o Desktop\example.inp

To import the mesh into LS-PrePost I have to define the geometry as a  
Physical Volume. Now the question:
Is there a command to create the Physical Volume without using the GUI?
(I don´t want to type it in the geo.-file.)

I really appreciate your help.

Kindly regards

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