[Gmsh] Solving the current model (Electrostatics)

kvniekerk kvniekerk at tlabs.ac.za
Thu Jan 4 08:39:25 CET 2018

​Dear Gmsh,

I have included the required files for the modelling exercise. (Please 
find the 7z file)

The top electrode is to be at -2000V fixed. The bottom copper plate is 
to be set at 0V fixed. The wiregrid should be set at -400V fixed. The 
plastic pillar onto which the wiremesh is laid should not be conductive.

I cannot seem to work out how to set the periodic boundary conditions 
for the side surfaces of the model. Can you please explain?

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Karl van Niekerk​

ME Engineering​ iThemba Labs​

Mob: +27 79 323 7672
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