[Gmsh] Weird results in Transfinite Volume mesh with Transfinite AlternateLeft Surfaces

Hector Gabriel Espinoza Román hespinoza at utb.edu.co
Sat Sep 1 00:06:42 CEST 2018


I am meshing a cuboid without recombination in surfaces or volumes.

I use Transfinite AlternateLeft Surfaces with Transfinite Lines with odd number of nodes so I obtain a bi-symmetric surface mesh with all triangle elements without all nodes on the boundary of the surface. Then I define the Transfinite Volume and call <Mesh 3;>

The volume gets meshed but some surface elements do not coincide with the volume elements' faces. This gives me problems afterwards when I define boundary conditions over surfaces and the solver checks if that boundary element is the face of a volume element.

Attached is a simple script with many combinations which do not work as I expect. I would expect to get either all tets or all prisms with at least one surface with all triangles so I can join that to a fully unstructured pure tet volume. Only one method tested works but produces tets, hexas and pyramids.


Ing. Héctor Espinoza, MSc, PhD

Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar
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