[Gmsh] topography issues

Stephanie Jarvis Stephanie.Jarvis at colorado.edu
Fri Sep 21 02:12:13 CEST 2018


Can gmsh can handle topography? I see this has been asked several times but
I can't find a resolution. I have surveyed grid points from a hillslope
surface that I need to create a 3D mesh for (top of the box is the
hillslope topography, bottom is flat extending into the surface). I've
tried embedding the points into a surface I create around them, using Point
In Surface, but the points mesh as holes (if they're below that surface) or
in the air by themselves (if they're above)--there is no interpolation
between them. I've also tried several variations of lines and splines
connecting the points, but I can't get that to mesh successfully.
Plugin(Tetrahedralize) looks promising, but it's unclear to me how to use
it--is it possible to get a "View" out of a bunch of points?  Or do I need
to create an interpolated surface outside of gmsh and bring that in to mesh?

Thank you!
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