[Gmsh] command line options

Ruth Vazquez Sabariego ruth.sabariego at kuleuven.be
Fri Sep 21 14:54:12 CEST 2018

You can get all the available options by typing in the command line:
gmsh -—help

2D mesh => -2
3D mesh => -3
gmsh -smooth number_steps
gmsh -optimize


On 21 Sep 2018, at 14:47, Alessandro Vicini <alessandro.vicini at sitael.com<mailto:alessandro.vicini at sitael.com>> wrote:

I usually work interactively, and I go through the following steps to generate a 3D mesh:

1)      2D mesh;
2)      Smoothing of the 2D mesh (repeated a few times);
3)      3D mesh;
4)      Optimization of 3D mesh.

How would I carry out the same process from command line? Thank you.


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