[Gmsh] About outputting Voronoi tessellations

Jiang, Yu yu.jiang at ou.edu
Wed Sep 26 05:14:37 CEST 2018

Hello Gmsh developers,

Thanks for developing the nice code for meshing. I got my 3d Delaunay triangulation without any problem. However, when I tried to make a Voronoi tessellation, I failed to find a way.

As long as I read from the manual, there is a setting Mesh.Voronoi=1 which visualizes a Voronoi diagram of current model. It did give me the results I wanted, but I cannot have them outputted into a file.

My question is: is there a way to output these Voronoi tessellation results? As long as they can be shown properly, I assume the points, lines and surfaces of Voronoi polyhedrons has already been calculated without any problem. If there has not been a way to output these results in the current program, can I get the name of the source file where Mesh.Voronoi option is performed into calculation that I can make some modifications to print them out myself?

Thanks for your help, and look forward to hear from you.


Yun Jiang

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