[Gmsh] Mesh smoothing in 2D

Hector Gabriel Espinoza Román hespinoza at utb.edu.co
Tue Sep 25 15:47:59 CEST 2018


I have a simple test case where smoothing does not work as I expected, maybe there is a reason.

I have two surfaces, one unstructured (surface 2) and other structured (surface 1) (transfinite using progression 2)

With Mesh.Smoothing=0 all is ok (transfinite surface using progression does not lose any anisotropy)

With Mesh.Smoothing=1 the unstructured surfaces is smoothed (improved ICN quality)  and transfinite surface using progression does not lose any anisotropy
With Mesh.Smoothing=2 the transfinite surface using progression loses anisotropy, that is, it tends towards "uniform" or progression 1.

I found a workaround using Mesh.Smoothing=2 and Smoother Surface {1} = 0 (as Smoother Surface is only for transfinite surfaces but I dont see how it cannot apply to non-transfinite surfaces)

In conclusion, I would expect that Mesh.Smoothing applies to all surfaces at any value and not a selective behaviour at value 1 (maybe is a design feature as gmsh default value of it is 1). Additionally, I would expect that Smoother Surface applies to all surfaces and not only to transfinite.


Ing. Héctor Espinoza, MSc, PhD

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