[Gmsh] bad orientation

Jose Juan Alonso del Rosario josejuan.alonso at gm.uca.es
Thu May 14 12:03:21 CEST 2020

Dear colleages

I am trying to build the mesh for a slice with a pentagonal hole.
GMSH runs properly with good quality tets but when trying to read it from
freefem++ the error is:

" Bad orientation: The adj border element  defined by [  16 246 ]  is
oriented in the same direction in element 3922 and in the element 446
****** bug in mesh construction? orientation parameter?
  current line = 12 mpirank 1 / 2
Can you give any advice on this?

Thanks in advance


Prof. Dr. Jose Juan Alonso del Rosario
Applied Physics Dept.,
Naval and Oceanic Engineering.
University of Cadiz.
Avda Rep Saharaui s/n. Puerto Real, 11510, Cadiz, Spain
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