[Gmsh] how to mesh 3d object into tetrahedrals and import the result into impact?

Colignon David David.Colignon at ulg.ac.be
Sun May 13 10:33:01 CEST 2007

Hi Alexander,

can you send us an example of your .geo file ?



> I've been trying to mesh 3d solid and import the result into Impact with
> no success.
> Is it possible to mesh a body with tetrahedral, using Gmsh? When I try
> to mesh 3d with 1-st order element, the result if inspected consists
> from triangles with 2 dimensions and g=0. When I try 2-nd order, the
> result appears to have 10-nodes elements and so on.
> When I try to import the *.msh into the Impact, it complains for the
> absence of material definitions. I've tried 1.0 format with and w/o
> "Save all" option, but it does not help.
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> With respect
> Alexander Rabtchevich
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