[Gmsh] clipping bug

Christophe Geuzaine cgeuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Tue Nov 25 20:12:56 CET 2008

John Borchardt wrote:
> Hi, I think I may have found a bug in the clipping feature when 
> post-processing using gmsh 2.2.5 on Linux 64 (may affect other 
> versions/platforms, I haven't checked).  I have maybe 100 views within a 
> single *.pos file.  When I try to clip the views using the clipping 
> dialog, the behavior isn't as expected.  For example, if I clip view 0 
> by selecting it in the clipping dialog, then it *and* view 33 and 65 are 
> clipped!  When I re-open the clipping dialog, 33 and 65 are now 
> selected!  If I try to select all data views in the clipping dialog, 
> then not all the views are clipped.
> Wondering if the number 32 is not a coincidence?

No, indeed (the clipping status was kept in a 32 bit array). This should 
be fixed in the next snapshot.

Thanks for the report!

> Any help appreciated.  I have two timesteps in each data view, and I'm 
> invoking gmsh with the -noview option.
> Thanks!
> --John
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