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benjamin JEANTY-RUARD ruard at artenum.com
Wed Feb 1 17:23:05 CET 2017

Dear Rémi COQUARD,

It seems to me that there is no direct functionality in Gmsh to apply a
merge operation between two geometric entities.

Besides, Artenum company has developed this kind of operation in the
open source SPIS project and particularly the SPIS-Dust version. After
registering on the following page:


It is possible to have an access to the software where this
functionality is available following the link:


To use this feature, after unzip the SPIS dust archive, you must launch
the application using the Spis.sh or Spis.bat launch script, click on
the "create a new project" button, select the path where the project
should be saved and click on the "create project and save" button.
Finally, the feature is available in the bottom right panel under the
"merge" tab.

In input of the feature first it is necessary to select two .geo files
where the geometries are defined and secondly the id of the physical
group that must be merged with the other file. An example is shown in
the attached file.

In the SPIS context, this is used to merge a triangulated topology
modelling a terrain model and a spatial exploration unit positioned

!!! Be careful because, this feature has been validated only to merge
plane surfaces and has not been validated with ruled surfaces !!!

Hoping it might be useful,



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> Dear,
> I'm a recent user of you Gmsh software.
> I use it for the meshing of complex volumes that can actually be 
> obtained by merging simpler individual particles (for example spheres 
> and circualr cylinders).
> Therefore, I wonder if your software allows to create a geometry 
> (volume) by merging (or "soldering") several geometries previously 
> created by classical commands (such as extrusion ....) ?
> The final objective is to mesh the complex volume in 3-D elements
> Thank you by advance for your attention and assistance
> R?mi Coquard
> Research Engineer
> T?l : 04 37 48 84 37
> Fax : 04 37 48 84 05
> Site : *_www.ec2-modelisation.fr <http://www.ec2-ms.fr>_*
> 66, bd Niels Bohr 69 603 Villeurbanne Cedex
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