[Gmsh] Extrude from imported geometry

Daniel daniel at email.com
Mon Mar 6 21:38:30 CET 2017


thank you very much for your answer!

Indeed, I don't think that using gmsh to create the geometry is an
option in my case. I am creating the geometry using opencascade
internally and it is therefore only available as brep.

Currently it seems to me, that the error occurs all the time with
imported geometry, so I gave this simple example to show the problem.
My question was more generally, if extruding is possible with imported
geometry at all, or if it is limited to native gmsh geometry.

By the way, the error occurs no matter if you extrude just the
geometry, or the mesh alongside the geometry (although extruding the
mesh is more relevant to me, as I can use opencascade, to just extrude
the geometry).

Best regards,

Am Montag, den 06.03.2017, 16:04 +0000 schrieb DILASSER Guillaume:
> Hi Daniel,
> The Extrude command works primarily with geometry objects and not
> mesh objects. It can be used to Extrude mesh elements (for example
> using the "Layer" option) but only if you are extruding them
> alongside the supporting geometry. That is why you are able to work
> with the Gmsh "mesh" (you extrude the geometry and the mesh follows)
> but not the imported Brep. If you can, I would suggest you to build
> the 2D geometry to be extruded within Gmsh instead of importing it,
> it would save a lot of trouble… Nevertheless, I imagine you do have a
> good reason, if that is the case let me know.
> Sincerely Yours,
> Guillaume DILASSER
> Doctorant SACM / LEAS
> CEA - Centre de Saclay - Bât.123 - PC 319c
> 91191 Gif sur Yvette Cedex - France -
> guillaume.dilasser at cea.fr
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> Hi,
> Even with the most simple example, I am not able to extrude a mesh
> from an imported .brep geometry (see attachment). I always get an
> error message like:
> Error   : Impossible to extrude entity 1 (of type 306)
> Extruding from native gmsh geometry works fine.
> Is the Extrude command not supported for imported geometry, or am I
> doing something wrong?
> Best Regards
> Daniel
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